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Darren + Danielle

D + D : A fitness love story.

I want to start this post by saying that we are cinematographers. We tell amazing love stories through video. We don’t usually shoot photography, but because we love telling stories and crafting art, we couldn’t deny our good friends, Darren + Danielle when they asked us to spend the day with them and the creative genius, Shaun T in Phoenix snapping pictures of their love story. With that being said, we’ve found that photography is SO FUN and it helps that double D are such naturals at smiling, laughing and loving. Here is a few of our favorite shots from the shoot. Enjoy their story.

Destination Wedding Videography Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography Destination Wedding Videography Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography Destination Wedding Videography
Destination Wedding Videography

Gobble Gobble :: A Trip to Turkey

After an excellent start to the wedding season, we here at Blue Kite Cinema decided it was time for an adventure break… …it’s kind of like a dance break… but farther away. A lot farther away.

After a flight plan including three flights and 24 hours of flight time, we landed in Istanbul. From there we went on a whirlwind of a trip over the river and through the woods; flying hot-air balloons into the sunrise and not getting enough sleep; driving diesel cars into the mediterranean coast sunsets and trying to find a place to sleep; and jumping off of cliffs and soaking in the warm water of the Agean Sea while eating stuffed street mussels (omg, yum).

It was 2.5 weeks of pure adventure and foreign lands. Here are a few pics we took with some help from our good friend and adventure pal, Brian Leahy Photography.

Destination Wedding Videography - Turkey Adventure Destination Wedding Videography - Turkey Adventure

Destination Wedding Videography - Turkey Adventure

Destination Wedding Videography - Turkey Adventure Destination Wedding Videography - Turkey Adventure

Fail, Fail, Fail

I’m incredibly focused, and scared, because the next three days we are shooting our short film, “Today You, Tomorrow Me.” It’s really intimidating, and I’ve spent so much time and energy in this […] I’m trying my very best to remain optimistic. But we’re filming in the Angeles National Forest, where we’re guaranteed to be at least questioned by a ranger and potentially (most likely) kicked out since we failed to get a permit. Hopefully he’s cool and leaves us be. Standby.

This is a quote from my journal the night before we set out to film our first big short film (yes, Colin and I keep journals, no, we don’t keep them under our pillows… they’re journals, not diaries). It was a huge learning experience, to say the least. Our goal was to jump in full force on our first film, to try to experience as many aspects in film production we could in a single experience. This included casting / hiring five actors, including two child actors, renting a high quality camera we’ve never used before, having an ‘assistant,’ writing a script and shot list, holding rehearsals, scouting a location… stuff like that.

Now, I wish I could sit here and say that we made an incredible film that we’re proud and excited to put out into the world. But there’s one big problem, we didn’t finish. Remember that ~$2000 permit we didn’t get… story time. We had three filming days on an isolated road in LA County and, aside from some weather issues, had a successful first two days. We’re on our last day with a few hours left to film, and Angeles National Forest Ranger A. Nash (I will never forget this nametag) pulled up and shut down our operation, regardless of how incredibly depressed I looked and how much I begged. (I’ve already decided that “A. Nash” will be the name of all villains in all my future scripts).

To make matters worse, our beloved minivan decided to die right then and there… stopping us from possibly moving to another location and finishing up elsewhere. In retrospect it is pretty funny: our film’s plot is about how a car breaks down on the side of the road and well… yeah. Minivan down. So we called it quits, drove home and drowned our sorrows in gluten free pizza and tequila, unsure of the future of the film.

After going through the footage, it turns out there are a lot of things we would like to change and reshoot, so the whole debacle was probably a blessing. And aside from the film itself, our main goal was to learn, and that we assuredly did. We are not giving up on the short, and intend to set another film date to finish it up in the next month or so. I think the biggest take-away from all of this is: don’t be afraid to take chances. This whole thing seems small in scale, but was a huge undertaking for us that cost us thousands and took weeks of preparation, and while the film overall is currently a failure (and I really took it hard when we were unable to finish), the experience was priceless and set us up to have a higher potential for success for future projects.

So get out there, take risks, and fail fail fail. It’s the only way to truly recognize your potential and create successes that are worth achieving.

“I can accept failures, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” -Michael Jordan

Tea and Crumpets With The Queen

Do you want to go to England? Ummmm…. yes, please.

When Shaun and Scott asked us to come over to Manchester to film Shauntervention UK (a live workout with Shaun T, creator of Insanity) we immediately said yes. New stories in a foreign country? Sounds like an adventure for the Blue Kite Boys. And in true Blue Kite fashion, we decided to extend our trip to begin in London.

We stayed at the Saint Christopher’s Backpacking hostel in Camden where there was a pub on every corner. And we used the bloody hell out the brilliant London tube system to see all the awesome places. After having tea and crumpets with the Queen at Buckingham Palace, we met up with Harry Potter at King’s Cross Station, chilled with Sherlock on Baker Street, and tried to find The Beatles at Abbey Road (wound up at the wrong Abbey Road, 40 minutes from the correct location… #UKnoobs). After exploring all the touristy stuff, we did some nightly pub crawling and got our cider on (UK is so gluten free friendly).

Then we went to Manchester to stay with our friend Liam while being a part of the AMAZING Shauntervention UK event. Inspiration at its finest. Imagine 600 people coming together to be inspired and improve their life through the motivation of not just Shaun, but of themselves and those around them. Truly a moment that words cannot properly define. Despite the heaps of rain and clouds we faced in Manchester, we left England feeling inspired… and tired. We did quite a lot of sightseeing, filming, motivation-consuming, and cider-drinking. And shout-out to the 3am Halal food hole-in-the-wall in Manchester.

Colin’s Favorites:

Favorite Place: The Camden Market in London.

Favorite Food: The AMAZING sweet potato “chips” (those are fries, for all you US of A’ers) at the Argentinian Gaucho Grill in Manchester.

Favorite Situation: Our new Australian friend, Daniel running after a bus, kissing the window for 6 Chilean girls at 2:30am in Camden.

Favorite Experience: The London Tube system was the easiest public transit I’ve ever been on.

Nick’s Favorites:

Favorite Place: All of the plentiful amount of pubs.

Favorite Food: The food was a bit to be admired… the pubs, however.

Favorite Situation: After a few pints, I apparently tried to talk to a pretty girl in a British accent and she told me (in less blog-friendly words) to bug off.

Favorite Experience: Usually when Shaun T talks to the crowd, I get overwhelmed with emotion because he’s such a powerful motivator… but this time, it was before his talk, during the workout, I lost myself. The energy of those 600 people in that convention center was literally breathtaking.

Challenge Yourself Creatively.

Our first short film! I’m so excited that we finally decided to carve out a week to ourselves- a week to push ourselves creatively and challenge our filming capabilities. Neither Nick nor I have made a scripted short film before this week and the process of creating a scripted piece was truly new and interesting. To add to the challenge, we decided to both write scripts using only one character- Sir Christopher Warne. So, while the script for “The Dance Within” started out much differently, it ended up using his personality to the full advantage. As you can see, the man just loves to dance.

It’s amazing what challenging yourself on a personal project can do for your creative outlook on the rest of your work and business.

From day one when I walked around our neighborhood location scouting, I started to see things differently. Plain walls became an EPIC shot location. The hollywood subway stop became a hilarious dance scene. Also, as I fleshed out the script to “The Dance Within” and wrote other ideas, a supplemental short film idea would pop into my head alongside everyday occurrences. And as this phenomena happened, me being a music student, I couldn’t help but relate this process to songwriting. When you get into the flow of it, the ideas start to expose themselves at all points of the day and in different shapes and forms.

With that being said, this film is a great first step and has opened my eyes to what I can improve upon for my next personal films and my next wedding films. I really think everyone should challenge themselves creatively. Take non-paying gigs that could be fun and new and exciting, write your own film script or shoot your own setup photo shoot outside of work. Have fun. I promise it will pay off at least in the form of inspiration and motivation for the rest of your work.

Check out our first short film and let us know how you challenge yourself creatively.