Meet The Blue Kite Boys

From Califonia to Scotland – wherever your adventure, we’ll be there to capture the memories. We're addicted to crafting adventure stories in a cinematic way. And while telling these narratives is our trade, meeting people and making friends is our true passion. Be it a beautiful wedding day on the pacific coast or an excursion through the Amazon, we want to tell your unique story the way it should be told, by someone who knows you… so let’s be friends.

What Our Couples Think

Curling up in bed with josh and reliving our wedding day nearly 5 months later was the BEST. The Blue Kite Boys did such an incredible job of capturing every part of the weekend, and I’m so happy that we have that little piece of time recorded to look back on forever.

Lindsey + Josh

Westport, MA

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So incredibly different than the wedding films we’re used to seeing, and by the 4th time we saw it, we noticed all the cute nuances that you had so neatly inlaid into the film from the interviews to the goofball clips and how the images and cuts matched the voiceovers and commentary – it truly is a masterpiece ;)

Kesha + Vivek

San Francisco, CA

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I have no words to express my love & gratitude to the Blue Kite Cinema boys. They are our great friends, epic dudes, & clearly talented cinematographers. Thank you for capturing our magical wedding day so perfectly!

Christi + Seth

Big Sur, CA

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Nick and Colin put in so much more effort than any of us could have ever expected. They are so incredibly friendly and professional, and just awesome to have around at any moment. They are the best, and are worth absolutely every single penny!

Melissa + Sandy

Edinburgh, Scotland

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